• Instructors

    Sissi Lu Self Portrait 2020
    Sissi Lu
  • Skill Level

    Level 2

    You're already a photographer and your friends think you're good, but you want to take it to the next level.

  • What You Get

    2 hours of learning

    + 10 segments

    + Exclusive in-the-field episodes

    + Bonus Q&A segment

  • Learn to

    Shoot captivating film photography on the streets
    • How to take Engaging Photos on the Street
    • Approaching Subjects & Rejection
    • Film Gear & Film Stocks
    • Street Photography Tricks

What You'll Learn

In this lesson you'll learn how to tell a story through stunning street photography on film.



Meet your instructor, Sissi Lu.



What cameras and film stock does Sissi use, and why?

Approaching & Rejection


Learn how to approach your subject on the street and deal with rejection.

On the Streets: Queens


Sissi meets up with Naomi who shows her Queens while they explore and take photos of this buzzing and lively burrow.

On The Streets: Farmers Market, Manhattan


The farmers markets in NYC are lively and buzzing with people early in the morning. Join Sissi as she hits the streets and puts everything you’ve learned so far into use.

On the Streets: Brooklyn


Sissi meets up with Michelle who shows her around Brooklyn as she shoots her subjects.

On the Streets: Chelsea


Sissi explores her own neighborhood & meets some heartwarming locals that share their stories.

Darkroom & Post-Production


Join Sissi as she visits her lab in Chelsea and learns a little bit about the development process & what Sissi does in terms of post-production.

Bonus: Q&A


Sissi goes through some of her most asked questions by her audience via Instagram.

Reviewing Prints & Conclusion


Sissi reviews the photos she's taken throughout the course and gives her closing thoughts.

All the skills you need to succeed, taught by leading professionals in the industry.

Sissi Lu

Sissi Lu is a film photographer based in NYC. She focuses on uniting cultural and generational divides by capturing the empathetic nature of humanity.
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Sissi Lu Self Portrait 2020