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More than a lesson, you’ll be joining a community of creators who are looking to level up their photography and filmmaking. Take a class, get feedback, connect with fellow creators.

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More than just online lessons, you’ll be joining a community of creators who are looking to level up their photography and filmmaking. Take a class, get feedback, connect with fellow creators.

Learning photography, filmmaking, and all their essentials have never been simpler in this day and age. Aspiring photographers and filmmakers can now practice the art on their computers any time of the day, wherever they are, thanks to today's Moment Lessons for Creatives. We've compiled video lessons with all of the best pro experts to teach you all the fundamentals of photography and filmmaking to help you enhance your skills with everything you need to know about photography. From picture design and camera settings to lighting and post-production, there's a lot to consider.

Our courses, designed to inspire artists, will help you build from basic photographic elements to the intricacies of portraiture, pictures of children and pets, macro photography, to exploring photographs of a complex landscape, and to the art of producing images. The courses are offered via video lessons at Moment. These thorough videos provide great tips and strategies for bringing your picture game to a different level!

What Are Moment Courses & Lessons and How Does It Work?

The internet is a symbol of technology democratization. This is never more valid than in the field of education. Once upon a time, you had to search out specialists in the field to teach you, enroll in a college or university, or pick up a textbook to learn a technique. Moment has curated courses for each skill level and lessons from the fundamentals of photography, landscape photography, image composition, and much more you need to elevate your creative skills and business. With immersive classes and courses, we are making learning simpler, more affordable, and more cost-effective.

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Which are the best online photography classes?

The response is it depends. Of your current skill level, as well as the type of skill your ability you want to learn.

Moment offers online video courses with a wide range of topics for photographers, cinematographers, and photo and video editors. There are several free online photography courses to try out, each one of the online courses is individually unique and gives you access to the best hands-on approach you need to elevate your photos and videos. Learn how to capture simple, stunning, purpose-rich photos. With the beautiful hands-on tools and experts as your teachers, Moment is here to teach you everything our experts have learned over their career years. How to re-discover your why, to see the shots you are missing, and use basic photography techniques to capture the best photos of your life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have classes for Beginners?

Yes, we do! Our Experts are here to overcome the obstacles that could be preventing you from fully participating in our working on your ideas as a freelancer. If you have been waiting for the perfect moment to break into a new line of work, then Moment Online Classes will give you the tools to make it happen. After you have watched our Beginner Photography and Filmmaking courses, you can learn about the photographic forms and develop your ability in creating beautiful pictures in Medium and Advanced Lessons and Courses.

Can I learn about Filmmaking or only Photography?

Absolutely YES! Learn photography and filmmaking with different skill levels from all the industry pros. Learn their techniques and jumpstart your creative career. Join thousands of students and enroll today.

If you want to work and develop your photography and filmmaking skills and learn to do something every day, photography lessons are the best thing for you. Our lessons are fully taught by curated professional photographers who have been pioneers in the fields of industry for many years as your instructors. Our courses ensure a deep understanding of how your camera, colors, scenario, composition, and all the elements can be used in any imaginable scenario.

How much do Lessons Cost?

Our Courses are here to add secret sauce to your cinematic journey and elevate your photos and videos. You can get started with Moment Lessons for under $25.

What are the Best Sellers for Mobile Creators?

Want to learn how to shoot high-quality, captivating photos and videos on your phone?

  • iPhone Photography: Learn to Shoot like a Pro with Sam will teach you how to shoot professional-looking photos on your mobile device, wherever you are.
  • In Dan's course from Wildist, The Storyteller's Guide to Taking Better iPhone Photos, you'll learn the secrets to taking landscape photos and portraits on your iPhone that tell a story.
  • Andy's course, Mobile Filmmaking: Learn to Shoot Cinematic Videos, is all about filming and cutting phenomenal short films on your phone.

Do you have Software Editing Lessons?

Yes! We have Editing Lessons. Our best-sellers are:

You can also find other Editing Focused classes here with Sound Design for Filmmakers, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, and more.

Can I try before buying each one of the Online Classes?

Yes! Choose the course you want to access, scroll down to check out what you will learn, and fill out the email form to receive a free segment of the chosen course, so you can see if it is really suitable for what you are looking for.

Wrap Up

Photographers, whether you're an entry-level creator or a professional who's not sure which online lessons would fit best for you and your projects, or if you need recommendations for lenses or accessories brands that will help you achieve the image results you need, please contact our Gear Guides Team We'll pair you with a guide based on your background and needs, and we'll find the right Online Filmmaking or Photography Classes for you.