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About Moment
01 Manifesto

We started Moment because we're in.

In for more moments, less stuff.
Getting out. Seeing more. Embracing every moment life throws our way. Filling our lives … not our feeds. More beautiful moments please.

In for following our camera.
Our compass, our anti-GPS device. Getting up close and actually seeing the world. Slowing down, considering more, remembering more. Ahhh … the joy of being in.

In for connecting more.
Being open to the places we go, the people we meet. Away from the feed. Feeding the soul. Just being there. Present. (...dramatic silence...) In the moment. (ha, see what we did there?)

In for keeping it real.
Finding the imperfect, awkward, unexpected moments. Never to be found again. Favoring the vulnerable and real, over the perfect. Keeping things unvarnished and true.

You in?

02 History

We started in 2013 on Kickstarter, making gear for we do more than that. We sell gear from our favorite brands, publish lessons from go-to creatives, and run photo adventures all over the world.

People using Moment gear in a van
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Moment Lessons


Taught by the pros you follow, Moment Lessons are a platform that teaches you their secrets, motivates you to keep practicing and gives you the inspiration to keep progressing as a creator. Sign up for a lesson.

Moment Travel Gear

Moment Travel


We wanted a better way to travel, shoot, and learn. What started as a single trip to Alaska with customers, has become Moment Travel—epic trips guided by professional photographers who take you to their hidden spots, help you capture stunning photos, and teach you new photography skills. Join us on a trip.

03 history the shop

The Marketplace


We changed our stripes, from a gear maker to a marketplace for creatives. Starting with the gear we loved, we have been adding the gear creatives recommending, servicing customers with pro gear guides, and building Moment into the shop we always wanted.

Moment Camera Pro App
Moment Pro Camera App Screen

Pro Camera App


We wanted more advanced controls on our camera phones. We thought the best way to do that was to take our free camera app and make it a pro camera app. More engineers, more designers, and a better app. You can download it here.

03 history miff



What started as inspiring, commissioned films has turned into the largest mobile film festival in the world. We've been fortunate to work with some of the most talented filmmakers in the world. They've shown us remote places we've never been, from their own backyards to the destinations of our dreams. Every year we're blown away by what they make. Moment Invitational.

03 history the studio

The Studio


We built the Moment Studio. Its ethos is a place you can think, create, and collaborate. Located in Sodo, our place of work has grown into a community meeting spot.

03 history offsite



The five of us started a new tradition...Moment Offsites. What started as a three-day adventure to work on our team dynamics have turned into week-long adventures that have become the foundation of our culture. They happen every four months and give us a chance to connect, learn, and grow.

03 marc history first lens

First Kickstarter


Moment started as a side project...a few friends getting together to work on their love for photography. We were using our camera phones more and more, but missed traditional photography elements on our phones. So we started working on better glass for your phone.

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03 Community

We are Moment and we exist to
accelerate the creator economy.

The community makes Moment possible. From the brands who sell their gear in the shop to the Pros who publish their online classes with us to the gear guides who answer your questions 24x7, Moment wouldn’t exist without this amazing community of creatives. Supporting and empowering one another to chase their creative pursuits.

Thank you for joining us on this journey.

04 Team

A Community Of Creatives

We are a community of creatives - photographers, filmmakers, designers, and engineers - who believe the world is a better place when you get lost and follow your camera. We love the joy that photography brings to our lives and we want to make people smile a little bit more every day. Many of us started as customers before joining the team. You should do the same.

We’re always looking for passionate, dedicated, and hardworking people to join us.

Work at Moment