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Why Sell at Moment?

One Shop

The only marketplace that makes it easy to sell the entire breadth of what creatives can offer - gear, books, courses, digital goods, prints, even in-person experiences.

More Revenue

Expand beyond your own audience, tapping into the 2.5M creatives that Moment already reaches plus the 10M people who visit the site every year.

Happy Customers

You can trust that your audience is taken care of by our pro gear guides, fellow creatives who are passionate about servicing customers.

Global Fulfillment – Coming Soon

Have something physical to sell? Leave the shipping, returns, and logistics to us. Want to ship it yourself, you can do that too.

Seller Story

"Working with Moment to create my course was a great opportunity to finally bring my vision to life. I’ve always wanted to teach an online photography course and Moment helped provide the resources I needed from start to finish." - Tiffany Nguyen


Pick Your Selling Plan

We make it easy to start selling. Nothing is exclusive and you can pull your listings at any point.

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*Coming Soon: Fulfillment by Moment. Sell physical items we warehouse and fulfill worldwide on your behalf.

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Customers Love Moment

"Moment is an outstanding company. Their products are simply the best out there and their customer service is unparalleled." - James

What You Can Sell

Easier than setting up a Shopify store, we give you full control in making sure your listings look amazing. We even give you ideas for how you can be selling more.

In-Person Experiences

Sell everything from far away experiences to neighborhood photo walks. Your event will look incredible plus we make it easy to sell add-ons, make any accommodation selections, and manage the post-booking experience. Customers can pay all at once or via a monthly payment plan. Running your own events has never been easier.

How To Get Started

We’re accepting applications to bring on the next 100 sellers. We want to make sure you’re successful so we’re onboarding just a few sellers at a time.

  1. Apply Now: It takes less than 5 minutes to apply. Every application is reviewed within 5 business days and you’ll be notified if we can support selling your goods at this time or at a near-future date.

  2. Start Listing: Once approved, we’ll help you create your page listings, including advising on-page content/design, and pricing

  3. Start Marketing: Your weekly report will tell you how you’re doing. Plus we're always a text away to share ideas on how we can help improve results.


Q: Am I qualified to become a seller?

A: Every creator is welcome to apply to sell on Moment. Right now we are only bringing on the next 100 sellers so we don’t flood the marketplace, so if you don’t get accepted immediately we’ll still be in touch to sell in the near future when we can support more.

Q: How does Moment choose who gets accepted?

A: We’re looking to continue to build a unique and diverse catalog of creator offerings. We’ll review your social media and existing offerings to see if you’d be a good fit at this time.

Q: How long will it take me to be accepted as a seller?

A: We will review submissions daily. You should expect to hear back within two weeks of your application with a status update on when we may expect to have you sell.

Q: How much does it cost to sell on Moment?

A: It’s completely risk free to list your items on Moment. Meaning you only pay when a transaction is made.

Q: Will I have to sign a contract? Is the contract exclusive?

A: Yes, you will be asked to agree to our terms and conditions. The contract is non-exclusive and you can leave the program at any time.

Q: Will Moment help me produce items I want to sell?

A: We’ve helped bring creator dreams to life. From hosting their travel experiences, building them an online education business, or a product they wish existed. If accepted as a seller, we’ll be in close contact and are welcome to all ideas

Q: What % will I earn from selling on Moment?

A: This depends on the item you’re selling through Moment, but you can either list exclusively or non-exclusively;

  • List Non-Exclusively - This applies to any item you list with us that you also sell on other sites or marketplaces. We charge a 3% credit card fee, then +5% for in-person Experiences or +20% for digital goods as transaction fees.
  • List Exclusively - This applies to any items you list exclusively with us. We charge a 3% credit card fee, then +5% for experiences, or +10% for digital goods.
  • Fulfilled by Moment (Coming Soon) - This applies to any physical items we warehouse and fulfill on your behalf. Fees TBD.

Q: Can I sell multiple products?

A: Of course, you can sell as many as you’d like.

Q: Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

A: Feel free to reach out to us with any questions via our Moment Help Center.