Become a Super Affiliate

You should be paid more for your links. Join the program and earn up to 15% whenever someone buys a product, course, preset, or trip you share.

How It Works

You’re already helping your friends and followers figure out what to buy next, why not be paid just to send them a custom link?

  • Sign Up: We run our affiliate business on the Impact network. When signing up you can either fill out the contract to create a new account, or login to your existing to apply to our terms.
  • Build Links: Earn by linking to anything on Moment. From gear, to digital goods or even in-person experiences sold by other creatives
  • Start Sharing: Share your links privately or publicly, wherever links are accepted. Anything that’s purchased on Moment within 30 days of a click you’ll be commissioned for.
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How You Earn More

We’re constantly optimizing our affiliate conversion flows so you get paid more. It starts with higher commission rates and longer conversion windows, across a unique catalog of gear & creator offerings, and carries through with continued education to help you sell more.

How We Help

By joining the Moment affiliate program, you’ll also be part of the private affiliate newsletter. Keeping you up to date on whats new/hot in the store, and the best ways to earn more.

  • What’s New/Hot: We’ll keep you up to date on which products are selling well on the store, or be the first to know whats coming soon
  • Discounts: Our affiliates will be the first to receive discounts or free offerings that we’re able to provide
  • Bonuses: Occasionally we’ll release bonuses, increasing your commission rates on certain categories/brands for bursts of time

What People Are Saying

"The majority of affiliate programs right now offer such little commission that they almost don’t even seem worth it. Moment has changed everything for me. The commission is extremely competitive and beneficial for creators. I never feel bad recommending a product that Moment carries and I know the shopping experience will be top notch for my audience."

Patrick Tomasso

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Q: What payout options are available?

A: For affiliate payouts, you can choose PayPal, Check, Wire Transfer, Direct Deposit, or ACH Transfer.

Q: Is there a minimum payout threshold?

A: There is a $50 USD minimum payout threshold.

Q: When am I paid out for my commissions?

A: Tracked actions are locked after 30 day(s), then invoiced on the 18th of the month after they lock. Approved transactions are paid 30 day(s) after the date they are invoiced. Long story short, about 60 days after the sale or in-person experiences takes place.

Q: Who is eligible for Moment’s affiliate program?

A: We welcome any creative or publisher to apply. As long as you’re not using the affiliate links on cashback or coupon sites, you’ll keep earning for recommending.

Q: How long will I be credited for links I share?

A: The Moment Affiliate program credits all links within a 30 day click window.

Q: Does it cost me anything to become an Affiliate?

A: No, you will not incur any personal costs by becoming an affiliate. Every qualifying sale will earn YOU a commission.

Q: How does Moment track my affiliate links?

A: Our affiliate links run on the impact network. If you have an existing Impact account with another brand you can use the same one, or simply apply on this page to create a new account. One approved, you’ll be sent instructions for how to build links.

Q: Can I join if I live outside of the US?

A: Yes, you can apply to join even if you live outside of the United States.

Q: How much can I earn as a Moment Affiliate?

A: Your earnings as an Affiliate will depend on how active you are in the program. Commission is based per the brand of item you sell, ranging all the way up to 15%. The more you sell, the more you can earn.