Sissi Lu

Sissi Lu Self Portrait 2020

Sissi Lu is a film photographer based in NYC. She focuses on uniting cultural and generational divides by capturing the empathetic nature of humanity.

Brands Worked With

  • Graduate Hotels
  • Merrell
  • Saks Fifth Ave
  • Lomography
  • Conference and Chill
  • B&H

Creative Interests

  • Classical music (past life)
  • Ceramics
  • Fine art furniture making

About Sissi

Sissi Lu is a film photographer based in New York City. Chinese by nationality, Sissi came to the United States in pursuit of classical music, instead she found her passion in the art of photography.Sissi focuses her photography style on embracing the beautiful moments through "meaningful, real-people portraits." Sissi prefers the medium of film, as she believes that it is the most honest expression of photography. Inspired by her elderly parents, Sissi started a long-term project a Word to the Young which archives timeless wisdom of the elderlies with storytelling portraitures. One of the messages emphasized in the project is teaching the younger generation to not brush away older people because of their appearance. Sissi wants to inspire the viewers of her art to know the beauty and grace comes from age. The other message is for the older generation, to remind them not to forget the importance of their legacy and never to be ashamed of their age.