• Instructors

    Willem film lesson 41
    Willem Verbeeck
  • Skill Level

    Level 1

    You like taking photos and want to learn how to properly shoot on film.

  • What You Get

    2.5 hours of learning

    + 13 segments

    + Film Stock Guide

    + 10% Moment discount

  • Learn to

    Read the light and expose/meter properly
    • The differences between film stocks and camera types
    • How to shoot medium format and 35mm film
    • How to shoot documentary portraits
    • How to edit and color correct your film photos
    • How to shoot like Willem

What You'll Learn

Learn to shoot, develop, and edit film photos like a pro.



Learn why film Photography is still relevant and why a modern take on a vintage format is important for understanding the craft.

Getting Started: What You Need To Know


Everything you need to know to get started shooting film. Camera types, film stocks, and how to operate different cameras.

Metering In Different Light


When you have a limited amount of photos, you need to nail your exposure. This class dives into how to meter properly in various lighting situations.

A Walkaround: Daly City


Join Willem in Daly City, CA as he walks around the neighborhood making photographs.

Personal Photo Critique


Willem breaks down his images and gives insight into what he loves and what he doesn't.

Road Trip Down The Coast


Join Willem as he drives down the California coast, capturing photos on his Yashica 35mm point and shoot.

Documentary Portraits: Surfboard Shaper


Willem photographs lifestyle portraits of surfboard shaper, JP.

Film Developing Preferences


The last step in the process, Willem breaks down what you need to know about developing film.

Shooting Film at Night


Willem breaks down how to shoot film at night.

Shooting Interiors


Willem breaks down how he takes advantage of dynamic light while shooting detail shots indoors.

Editing Your Film Photos


Just like when you shoot digital, color correcting your film images is essential.



Thanks for watching! Go shoot.

Bonus Segment: Flash Film Photography


In this additional segment, Willem focuses on a new technical topic – Flash Film Photography. We join him on his own stomping grounds, New York City, as he shows you how he utilizes flash to make compelling images.

Willem Verbeeck

NYC-based analog photographer, Willem Verbeeck, captures modern day portraits of people and lifescapes in their truest form.
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Willem film lesson 41