• Instructors

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    Tiffany Nguyen
  • Skill Level

    Level 1

    You understand basic camera settings but want to take it to the next level.

  • What You Get

    2.5 hours of learning

    + 9 segments

    + Composition Guide PDF

    + 10% Moment discount

  • Learn To

    Plan and execute epic landscape shots.

    + Location scouting - how to plan for a successful shoot

    + The gear you need

    + How to read light for best possible images (and how to shoot at golden hour)

    + Composition Techniques

    + Advanced Shooting Techniques

    + Directing subjects

    + Color Correction and Editing in Lightroom

What You'll Learn

We’ve all seen epic travel photos across Instagram -- this lesson is a look behind on the scenes. You'll learn how to shoot deliberately and get jaw-dropping landscapes.


1/9 (2:00)

Tiffany introduces herself and talks about her unusual career background. She’ll get you acquainted with the course material and everything else you need to know.


2/9 (8:00)

What’s in Tiffany’s camera bag? Tiffany breaks down her favorite gear, what she takes with her into the field, what’s necessary, and what’s not.


3/9 (4:00)

Location scouting is essential for landscape photography. Dive deep into Tiffany’s method for finding the perfect vantage points, calculating light, and making sure everything goes according to plan. Get the inside scoop on which apps and research methods you should be using pre-shoot.

In the Field

4/9 (48:00)

Follow Tiffany into the field -- shooting at Taft Point, Yosemite Falls, and Valley View. Tiffany has a tried and true formula for epic landscape shots. Learn all the different tools and techniques you need to create well balanced compositions and using color theory to elevate your photos. Tiffany brings in some models to level-up her landscapes. Using n...

Getting Technical

5/9 (19:00)

Deep dive into three methods to level-up your photos: Using ND filters and shooting long exposure, bracketing, and sunbursts.

Breaking Down Tiffany's Favorite Photographs

6/9 (15:00)

Grab some coffee and take a seat -- In this section, Tiffany tells the stories behind some of her favorite photos. She talks about settings, composition, and what made these photos so popular.


7/9 (30:00)

It’s time to whip out those SD cards and fire up Lightroom. Editing can make or break your photo, so Tiffany dives deep into how to enhance your shots without relying on pre-sets. Make colors pop, remove flares, and more.

Final Thoughts

8/9 (1:00)

Tiffany wraps up the course with some final thoughts and a challenge for you. Get out there.

BONUS: Finding the Best Settings


Follow Tiffany as she heads out for sunset in her hometown of Manhattan Beach. She breaks down the exposure triangle and gives some insights into her most common settings that she uses to create her iconic photographs.

Tiffany Nguyen

Hi, there! I'm Tiffany (@tiffpenguin)! I'm a dentist and adventure travel photographer from Southern California.
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Profilepic 200703 002653