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    Valentina Bio
    Valentina Vee
  • Skill Level

    Level 3

    This lesson is for creatives who want to take their interviews to the next level with specialized techniques.

  • What You Get

    2 hours of learning

    + 7 sections, 21 episodes

    + 10% Moment discount

    + Exclusive interview tips

  • Learn To

    Light and conduct interviews like a pro.

    + Professional Lighting Setup & Techniques

    + Shoot Hosted and Non-Hosted Interviews

    + Multi-camera Shooting Techniques and Gear

    + Work with media trained and non-trained Interviewees.

    + Get crisp, clear sound.

What You'll Learn

In this lesson, you’ll learn shoot and conduct interviews like a pro.

Section 1: Intro

1/18 (02:01)

Meet your instructor -- internationally-recognized cinematographer and lighting guru, Valentina Vee. Valentina walks you through the structure of the lesson and gives you all the info you need to dive in.

Section 2 | Part 1: Hosted vs. Non-Hosted Interviews

2/18 (03:29)

Start by learning about two main types of interviews: hosted and non-hosted. You’ll learn the core differences, and when you should use each.

Section 2 | Part 2: Static vs. Moving Interviews

3/18 (01:43)

If you’re shooting a hosted interview, you’ll need to decide if you want it to be a sit down or a walk and talk. In this section, learn how different techniques can be used to make your subject more comfortable, and how to execute them.

Section 2 | Part 3: Shooting Angles & Media Training

4/18 (06:57)

Sitting someone down for an interview can be very intimidating, especially if they’re not media trained. In this section Valentina walks you through tips that will help your guests feel more relaxed and natural on camera.

Section 3 | Part 1: Planning Your Gear List

5/18 (01:17)

In this section you’ll go through the gear needed to shoot interviews. From solo shoots to having a small crew, Valentina will walk you through what she’s used on hundreds of shoots.

Section 3 | Part 2: Shooting B-Roll

6/18 (03:38)

Depending on what type of interview you’re shooting, you’ll probably need b-roll. Valentina walks you through her methods of capturing compelling visuals that pair well with interviews.

Section 3 | Part 3: Choosing Your Camera

7/18 (03:00)

In a world full of cameras, Valentina makes it simple to choose which one suits your project.

Section 3 | Part 4: Finding a Location & Framing

8/18 (08:51)

Valentina walks through a location and explains what she’s looking for when shooting interviews. Location is almost as important as your guests themselves. Learn how the setting and framing of your interview affects mood and style.

Section 3 | Part 5: Focusing Techniques

9/18 (01:30)

Are you one person trying to capture a two person interview? Are you the host and filming by yourself? Do you have a crew? Valentina walks through various scenarios and how to set you up for success whether by yourself or with a larger crew.

Section 3 | Part 6: Audio Tips

10/18 (01:00)

Valentina walks you through why she uses lavalier microphones and best practices for utilizing them.

Section 3 | Part 7: Lighting

11/18 (11:15)

In this section, Valentina dives into lighting, her specialty and one of the most important aspects of an interview.

Section 4 | Part 1: Researching the Subject

12/18 (4:09)

Preparing the content of the interview is crucial for a smooth scene on shoot day. Valentina shows you how to best research your guests in order to set the stage for success.

Section 4 | Part 2: Prepping Your Guest

13/18 (2:23)

Your guests won’t always be professional interviewees. Valentina shares how you can avoid some of the common interview pitfalls by first making sure your guest is well-prepared.

Section 4 | Part 3: Prepping the Space

14/18 (03:57)

Lighting, backdrops, ambient noise… In this segment, Valentina shows you how to balance it all, and create a space that will help your interview shine.

Section 4 | Part 4: Data Management

15/18 (02:09)

Organize, organize, organize. Valentina shares her data management best practices when dealing with footage.

Section 5: How to Conduct an Interview

16/18 (07:33)

Show time! This section is all about what happens once the cameras start rolling, and how you conduct effective, professional interviews for any project. Learn how to guide your subjects, break the ice, reframe, and evoke emotion.

Section 6: Editing Your Interview (4 Parts)

17/18 (1:00:39)

Time to bring it all together. Valentina deep-dives into her editing process with Adobe Premiere Pro. Learn skills like timing, syncing footage, rearranging sequences, and adding sound effects.

Section 7: Conclusion

18/18 (00:57)

Valentina signs off with some final thoughts.

Valentina Vee

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