The Most Comfortable Backpack I've Ever Used - DayChaser 35L Review

As a travel creator, finding the right backpack to hold all your gear while being comfortable carrying it can be challenging. That's where the DayChaser camera pack comes in, a collaboration between Moment, and renowned travel photographer, Emmett Sparling.

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Built with military-grade performance, this rugged backpack is designed to withstand the harshest travel conditions. Its custom harness provides a comfortable fit even when the bag is fully loaded. And with unlimited configurations, you can pack anything you need, from cameras and lenses to clothes and water, in any combination you want.

But what sets the DayChaser apart from other camera backpacks is its additional focus on daily essentials. There's plenty of room for your gear and space for your laptop, passport, and other items you need on the go. You no longer have to sacrifice comfort or convenience in carrying your camera gear. In other camera bags, I've come across, the entire bag is either pockets for lenses and gear with no room for a jacket/headphones, or laptop or the camera compartment is tiny and only holds a body and a lens or two. This is truly the perfect balance.

If you're in the market for a travel backpack that can handle all your camera and travel needs, the DayChaser is worth considering. As a filmmaker clued behind the making of this product, this lousy boy checks off all the boxes. In this review, we'll dive into the features and performance of this backpack to help you make an informed decision. While its build may not be for everybody or every use case, its versatility in compartmentalization and extreme comfort is ideal for travel creatives like me.

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DayChaser Travel Camera Pack - 35L

Looking for The Most Versatile Travel & Camera Backpack? The DayChaser brings all-day comfort, is fully customizable, and packs your camera gear and essentials

Buy for $249.99

The Birth Story of DayChaser

Emmett Sparling is a world-renowned travel photographer who has worked with top-level brands like Lexus, Samsung, Indonesia Tourism, and Corona Extra. With a background in fashion photography, Emmett is well-versed in creating engaging storytelling and social media campaigns that help brands reach a wider audience. With years of experience traveling the world and capturing stunning imagery, Emmett knows firsthand the challenges of lugging around heavy camera gear while on the go.

It was this experience that inspired Emmett to create the DayChaser camera pack. He came to Moment wanting something to call his own, and our team certainly packed their punch. Our softgoods engineer, Joel, worked on the pack for over 2+ years perfecting every modular component before hitting the Kickstarter market.

We wanted to bridge the gap between constant shooting and travel made easy with a minimal and well-packed carrying solution. Drawing on Emmett’s knowledge of fashion and travel photography, our collaborative efforts set out to design a rugged and comfortable backpack with unlimited configurations to accommodate any gear combination.

And as someone like myself who also traveled the world shooting weeklong or even monthlong campaigns capturing various subjects — I can't stress how utterly important a strategically packed backpack is to a successful shoot day.

Rugged As Hell

This construction is designed to be both durable and able to withstand any type of weather. Crafted with 500D KODRA main fabric and a double layer of waterproof backing, this product is impregnated with a special water-repellent finish that gives it superior protection. The fabrics used are lightweight and uncoated, making the total weight only 5 lbs 2oz.

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The Biggest Pros

One of the initial questions I had was about the backpack's capacity, and I was thrilled to see that it could hold up to a 16-inch laptop, four to six Sony lenses, and multiple camera bodies like my FX3 and FX30. This means I can bring all my essentials and still have room for other travel essentials like snacks, water, and extra clothing

    Comfort is also significant when carrying heavy camera gear for extended periods. The Daychaser Camera Pack 35L is designed with padded straps, a breathable back panel, and a chest strap to help distribute weight evenly. I have worn it for hours without any discomfort, even when fully loaded. Bringing it on a hike serves its purpose, and I can reliably set the pack down anywhere, knowing it’s safe, guarded, and wears well against Earth’s elements.  I'm 6ft, and this bag sits really well on my back and is very comfortable. I know Emmett worked with someone who specialized in military-grade harnesses and materials, and it shows. This thing is comfy all day long and it's tough. One issue for me on many camera backpacks is that you pack too much and the straps dig into my shoulders and feel like it's too much weight for such a small bag.

      The backpack's organization system is also a game-changer for me, with multiple pockets and compartments that allow me to keep everything in its place. My favorite part about this bag is the fact I can leave my camera rig built out and remove the dividers in the camera section and it fits perfectly. There are also external straps that will enable me to attach a tripod or other gear to the outside of the backpack. 

      Another feature that sets this backpack apart is its weather-resistant construction. I've been caught in a few rainstorms while traveling, and the bag has kept my gear completely dry. Plus, it's produced with long-lasting materials, so I don't have to worry about any wear and tear from daily use.

      Accessing my camera and lenses is easy thanks to the quick-access side panel, so I don't have to take off the backpack whenever I want to switch lenses or grab my camera. This feature has saved me so much time and hassle while filming. Sony Regarding special features, the Daychaser Camera Pack 35L has a removable camera insert allowing me to customize the backpack's layout to suit my specific needs. It also has a sleek design that looks great and comes in a variety of colors to choose from.

      The price point for this backpack is super reasonable, too, especially considering the quality of its construction and features. And, with glowing customer reviews from fellow creators and travelers in the industry, I know I'm not the only one who loves this pack.

      "An excellent investment for protecting your gear and making your travels smoother."

      The Cons & Drawbacks

      The only con I see is that it's a larger-sized bag. For me, it's exactly what I've been waiting for — a single backpack I can carry everything I need for a shoot. I no longer fuss with multiple backpacks bringing extra gear I don't need.

      That said, for day-to-day coffee shop runs, I'd opt for something smaller like the MTW Backpack. I know a few creators, filmmakers in particular, that gravitate towards large Pelican Cases for maximize package but I prefer the minimal setups.

      In conclusion, the Moment Daychaser Camera Pack 35L has become my go-to backpack for all my travel filmmaking needs. It's comfortable, durable, and designed with real-world traveling photographers and filmmakers in mind. Whether you're a professional or just starting, this backpack is an excellent investment for protecting your gear and making your travels smoother.

      Worth every damn penny.

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