• Instructors

    Mike 16
    Mike Dewey
  • Skill Level

    Level 1

    You want to learn the basics of Mobile Filmmaking

  • What You Get

    1 hour of learning

    + 8 modules

    + In-depth walk-throughs

  • Learn To

    Shoot Cinematic Videos

    + Mobile videography basics

    + Essential gear and accessories

    + Techniques for capturing diverse environments

    + Editing on mobile and computer

    + Importance of audio in video production

What You'll Learn

Learn everything from setup to shooting content on your mobile phone.



This section provides an overview of the course, introducing the concept of mobile videography and its significance in visual storytelling.



The Gear section covers essential equipment and accessories for mobile videography, including phones, lenses, mounts, filters, audio gear, and gimbals.



This section explores practical aspects of capturing videos with a smartphone, such as recommended apps, manual exposure settings, slow motion and action mode (iPhone).

In the Field


This section focuses on shooting in different environments: mid-day, indoors, and at night. It demonstrates techniques like using ND filters, highlighting audio importance indoors, and showcasing the low-light capabilities of iPhones.



The Editing section covers post-production for mobile videos, divided into editing on mobile devices and editing on computers. It discusses editing apps, color grading apps, importing footage to software like FCPX, Premiere, and Davinci, and color grading mobile footage.



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