Moment 1.55x Mobile Anamorphic Lens | Review & Example Footage

Wider Scenes. Unique Bokeh. Classic Flares. It's the most cinematic your phone footage has ever looked.

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It’s not our first Anamorphic lens, but it's wider and even more refined.

Our 1.55x Anamorphic is inspired by the well-known 1.5x Iscorama 54 Anamorphic — offering a broader field of view, an exclusive shimmer, and a more traditional Anamorphic appearance. Our existing 1.33x lenses have been the muse of many mobile filmmakers, and this new 1.55x brings back the classic Hollywood style, now for your phone.

Compatible with any Moment M-Series phone case, it has our M-series interface and is easy to attach with a simple twist-and-lock system.

Why Anamorphic?

The 1.55x Anamorphic lens is an excellent choice for filmmakers due to its capability of creating a wider aspect ratio (2.76:1) at the same focal length, resulting in more of the scene being visible in a single frame.

It captures more light, providing greater depth of field, enhanced sharpness, and an aesthetically pleasing background blur. Additionally, it produces those signature lens flares that are impossible with standard lenses, adding a dreamlike, artistic quality to the shot.

Editing the black bars and the flattened shadows would look cheap compared to real glass. The team has spent over two years perfecting every edge of the product to ensure genuine quality for your mobile device. Gone are the days of paying thousands on big rigs for quality footage.

This lens is the secret tool to turning your life into a movie. Twist it on the phone case's interface (see below), and viola — from beginner to pro in 10 seconds.

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1.55x Anamorphic Mobile Lens - Gold Flare - M-Series

Get that unique wide cinematic film look on your phone with the Moment Anamorphic Lens Gold Flare! It gives you bright warm flares and a 1.55x widescreen look.

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What Makes This Anamorphic Lens So Special

It’s gold. It’s wide. It makes life a movie.

Whenever you sit and watch an inspiring short film, music video, YouTube intro, or IMAX theatrical experience — there’s a technical and scientific reason the footage looks so darn good.

It's like a tapestry of beauty or a visual poem that transports you to another world. The colors are vivid and vibrant, creating a trancelike state of hypnosis. The composition of every shot is carefully depicted because of its widescreen formatting. The camera's movement glides gracefully, capturing every detail softly yet clearly. Together, these elements combine to create a visually unforgettable experience.

That's the power of specialty glass. It isn't forced in Davinci Resolve or added by some plug-in you purchased off PirateBay. What you see comes from a tangible tool allowing filmmakers and everyday video creators to make something worth watching. It's an Anamorphic Lens.

Add the power of cinema with warm tones and fulsome flares, and you have a real-life movie in the palm of your hand.


How It Works

Our 1.55x Anamorphic lens makes it easy to attach and lock into your phone with a Moment case or M-Series lens mount. The iOS Moment Pro Camera App allows you to shoot and save video directly to your camera roll in a 1.55x aspect ratio, with complete control over your image. You can also use 67mm filters and our MagSafe accessories to rig up an ultimate mobile filmmaking setup.

If you’re curious about other ways to de-squeeze your clips, check out our article below.

Honest Thoughts

I love the lens, and while I work for Moment, that doesn't exempt me from honest commentary or feedback.

The lens is a powerful filmmaking tool — but it's also powerfully stylized. The warm, golden flares appear strong in richly lit environments, like at a nighttime carnival or family arcade. This lens feature went through heavy revisions, ensuring its flares weren't overpowering the image in particular situations. While the flares aren't as powerful as they were on the prototypes, the lens's humble beginnings are worth noting.

I always dig stylized footage and videos (if you're familiar with my work, you know this), so if you want a more true-to-life tool, the 1.33x mobile anamorphic might be a more fitting choice.

The 1.55x is perfect for your mobile shooting toolbox if you're in the warm glow and juice 90s coming-of-age vibes.

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