Sony ECM-M1 Digital Shotgun Microphone

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    Meet the Sony ECM-M1 Digital Shotgun Mic

    ECM-M1 completely redefines shotgun microphone performance with beamforming 8 technology that provides the world’s first eight dial-selectable audio recording modes in a compact microphone with outstanding versatility and audio quality. ECM-M1 easily achieves optimum sound quality in various video shooting situations.

    Top Microphone Features

    Who is this Shotgun Mic for?

    Sony's Digital Shotgun Microphone is packed with features aimed at creators with a "no bulls#!%" approach. It's got simple and intuitive controls at the back, Multi-Interface (MI) Shoe support so you can shoot and record for longer, and is environment-resistant; giving you more freedom to explore what's out there without worrying too much if you'll ruin the mic.

    You get professional-sounding audio without the excess baggage and bank-breaking price tag.

    Multi Interface (MI) Shoe support means you get to shoot for longer.

    Multi Interface (MI) Shoe support allows the microphone to be connected to the camera without additional batteries or cables. Power is supplied to the microphone from the camera, eliminating the need to charge and monitor a separate battery. And because no cable is required, the camera’s vari-angle LCD monitor can be used in any position without interference.

    ECM M1 Battery Free Mid

    Digital Audio Interface

    The digital audio interface offers an all-digital signal path from microphone to camera, avoiding the noise and distortion associated with analogue transmission, and retaining the full benefit of the digital signal processing in the microphone.

    ECM M1 Digital MI Shoe

    Dust and moisture-resistant design

    The ECM-M1 features a dust and moisture-resistant design that allows reliable operation in challenging outdoor conditions.

    Not guaranteed to be 100% dust and moisture-proof. Some moisture will not cause the microphone units to fail, but using them while wet can affect sound quality. Remove dirt and moisture with a clean, dry cloth.

    ECM M1 dustmoisture resistant

    We're gonna say this again -- it's light and compact!

    The small size of ECM-M1 keeps the overall system compact for maximum shooting freedom and mobility. It can also be easily added to gimbal or grip-mounted rigs and won’t extend into the frame with a wide-angle lens. The minimum rear extension means that the microphone won’t block the user’s face, allowing unrestricted access to the camera viewfinder.

    ECM M1 cable battery free