• Instructors

    Sara dietschy
    Sara Dietschy
    Jesse driftwood avatar
    Jesse Driftwood
    Becki and Chris
    Becki Peckham
    John Hill You Tube Workshop 37
    John Hill
  • Skill Level

    Level 1

    Beginner - You like making videos and want to start a career on Youtube.

  • What You Get

    4 Lessons + Extras

    + 5 hours of learning

    + Lifetime Access

    + 4 Custom LUTs

    +Downloadable keyboard shortcuts

    +Best Export Settings for YouTube

    +Planning Doc

  • Learn how to launch and grow your channel

    4 pros share their knowledge.

    + Launch A Channel

    + Discover Your Audience

    + Develop Your Personality

    + Confidently Talk To Camera

    + Effectively Communicate Your Idea

    + Make Videos For YouTube

    + Light Interviews

    + Shooting In Sequences

    + Edit Efficiently In Any Software

    + Script Videos

    + Quickly Deliver Projects

5 hours of learning.

4 Lessons. 4 pro YouTubers.

What You'll Learn

Lesson 1: How To Launch A Channel w/ John Hill


This lesson goes over high-level keys to launching a channel and how to execute these various stages. Making videos is important, but figuring out what videos you want to make is the very first step. John shows you how to brainstorm channel ideas, know your audience, come up with video topics, how to title your videos, generate thumbnails and research your niche.

Lesson 2: Developing Your Personality w/ Jesse Driftwood


This lesson is all about pointing the camera at yourself and confidently delivering lines. Youtube is all about who you are and developing your personality can get people to subscribe even if it’s outside their niche. Jesse shows you how to get over any awkwardness, talk to camera confidently, figure out what kind of personality you want to be, communicate y...

Lesson 3: Youtube Production w/ Becki & Chris


This lesson is an overview of the essentials to production. From getting started to taking your work to the next level. It includes a mix of camera basics, set building, settings, lighting and everything in between. Becki will show you how to to build out a camera rig with minimal gear, design a set for youtube, shoot in sequences, make amazing work on budg...

Lesson 4: Efficient Editing In Any Software w/ Sara Dietschy


Youtube is all about consistency and consistency comes down to workflow. This lesson walks you through Sarah's workflow for editing efficiently on any software. Sarah will teach you how to script videos, shoot for the edit, solve editing problems, deliver videos quickly and utilize different editing techniques for any software*. *Sara's Efficient Editing l...

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