Sony Alpha ZV-E1 Full Frame Camera - Black

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Color: Black

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    What Makes it Unique

    It’s a vlogging camera, but it has a full-frame sensor meaning better quality footage and even greater manual control. Optimized for 4K and delivers 15+ stops of latitude, low noise, high sensitivity, and gorgeous full-frame bokeh — the ZV-E1 is perhaps the most sophisticated content-creator video camera we’ve ever seen.

    Cinematic Vlog Setting

    The Cinematic Vlog Mode stands out, giving your videos that sought-after film look by adding black bars for a wider aspect ratio and automatically setting the camera to the movie-like 24 fps. With features like S-Cinetone to boost skin tones, adjustable "Mood" settings for color emphasis, and adjustable AF speed for seamless focus shifts, it's all about making your vlog more cinematic.

    Includes Image Stabilization

    Gimbal, who? The ZV-E1’s innovative Dynamic Active Mode combines the camera's in-built 5-axis stabilization to offer around 30% more steadiness than previous models. Now you can easily capture smooth, stable vlog footage, even while on the move, letting your creativity shine without compromise.

    Amazing Subject Tracking

    A.I. is scary good in this camera. It uses form data to expertly identify movement, giving you a 60% boost in recognizing human eyes. Its clever human pose estimation tech knows the position of heads and bodies, ensuring even folks wearing helmets or masks, or even animals not facing the camera, are accurately tracked in real-time. It's like having your very own real-time observer right in your camera.

    How Does it Compare?

    There’s an influx of video cameras on the market, but the ZV-E1 is a remarkable blend of pro-level features in a compact, affordable package. Its high-quality sensor delivers striking images, on par with the crowd-favorite A7SIII and FX3. Despite its minimalist design, omitting some pro functions, it's a solid choice for aspiring filmmakers. However, its $2200 price tag for just the body might stretch a beginner's budget.

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